Changes to the signed route in Haute-Saône

The signed route in the Haute-Saône is again in flux. I have been informed by the Champlitte tourist of office that signs along a revised route from Leffond to Seveux have been installed.

Details can be found in this brochure


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  1. Paul

    I am trying to establish the completeness of this section and the status of signing. If the route is contiguous and well signed then I will include in Lightfoot Guide Edition 7.

  2. Jeffrey

    Where can the brochure mentioned in the 29 October 2014 note be found? I assume the brochure contains the directions for the ‘revised route from Leffond to Seveux.

    Does the installation of signs along the ‘revised route from Leffond to Seveux’ imply one is no longer able to follow the directions as shown in Edition 6 to travel Champlitte and Seveux?

  3. Paul

    For the brochure just click on the word brochure in the post.

    Edition 6 contains the prior version of the route along the established “Sentier de la Vallée du Salon”. As I commented above I will try and check out the new route before Edition 7, but there is currently a risk that the new route will run out if the signing has not been completed.

  4. Paul

    I have followed the route from Leffond to close to Etuz. It is generally easy walking with much use of small tarmac roads. Signposting is good but unfortunately with some signs missing/removed. The route bypasses Gy requiring a stay in Frasnes le Château. I will do some more analysis when time permits.

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