I used Paul Chinn and Babette Gallard’s guidebooks on the road, together with Paul’s GPS data. I cannot thank Paul too much for all his help. He responded promptly to all my emails with helpful advice and even emailed new GPS files to me when my GPS unit failed en route. I remain indebted to him for all his help and I hope my feedback on his guidebooks has been a partial return of the favour.

Writing and updating guidebooks to the Via Francigena is not a path to riches for their authors. It is a niche market, and a lot of ongoing effort is required to keep them up to date.

- Victoria, Australia

I did not trust any of the signs on the VF for navigation. There were too few of them and they all seemed to follow local routes that might be interesting for weekend walkers but they just added distance and complexity for pilgrims.
The VF signage is pretty much a waste of effort and money in my opinion – until they fix on one official route and do the job comprehensively and properly. The only place I saw it done properly was on the last stage into Besancon.
You definitely need a guidebook and map or GPS for the VF. You can’t rely on the signs.

- Australia

Many thanks. The list of waymarks slipped easily into my Garmin. Having them makes me feel happier.

- UK

Thanks to you for the great guides that got us happily started and in the groove. In fact we had duplicate guides and Nancy’s parents, followed us step by step with their copies all the way into Rome. That was really great for them!


Thanks Paul; you helped us a lot. Next week we start our pilgrimage to Rome and beyond from our home-town in Holland

- Netherlands

What a gift – all that information and hard work for a few dollars!


I’d like to thank you or these guides. They have been very helpful through out this entire process, so THANK YOU!

- Germany

I think you’ve done a fantastic job on the guides and they helped tremendously on my way to Rome.


We are very impressed and grateful for your quick and complete response to our email.

- Canada

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly, I appreciate your good customer service and am looking forward to using your book on my trip

- Santa Barbara, USA

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