Babette Gallard and Paul Chinn

We are just a couple of ordinary people that were lucky enough to make an escape from the world of business to our adopted home in France with our passions and energies still intact.

We are passionate about travel and learning from the people who we meet on the road. As you can see from the photos our preferred mode of travel is on or with our horses. We have taken them to Santiago de Compostela and twice along the via Francigena. In our research work for the books we have also donned our hiking boots and cycle shorts to travel all or part of the via Francigena every year since 2006.

Our early journeys of the via Francigena were both satisfying and frustrating. While we loved the dramatic scenery, physical exhilaration and encounters of the route we were too often left lost, hungry and with nowhere to sleep. As a result we vowed to find ways to make the experience better for those that followed.

In 2007 we founded Pilgrimage Publications to produce and maintain the most complete and up to date guide to the via Francigena and too use this knowledge to lobby for the progressive improvement of the route.

Since then we have produced 6 editions of our guides and have helped other authors publish books that we feel are in keeping with the spirit of pilgrimage.

Babette has a love of language and is the right brain of the team.
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Paul is a frustrated mathematician who has found an outlet in maps and technology.

When at home we bounce between our house in Arles and horse caravan at the foot of the Cevennes.

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  1. kmrice

    Has your Guide to the Three Saints Way been updated since it was published in 2008?

    • Paul

      The Three Saints Way Guides remains at Edition 1.

      This is a great walk steeped in history and a direct liaison for English walkers with the primary St Jacques network in France.

      The route we follow almost exclusively uses established footpaths where we would expect little change.

      The accommodation situation will have certainly changed through the usual churn of comings and goings and price changes and so as usual we would suggest that call 24 or 48 hours ahead of expected arrival.

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