En’a Vardo


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The gipsy legend – En’a Vardo – Nine Caravans, Nine Families, Nine Stories.
One day, as we were celebrating, a man came to our camp and as was usual we invited him in. This, my children, was our mistake and was to be our curse. He was a necromancer who he wanted us to serve him. We refused and he cursed us, saying that we would forever wander, never to settle in any land and forever be outcasts.
The Romani people originated in the region of northwestern India, leaving their homeland to settle in Europe, Turkey and North Africa, bringing with them their unique culture and language. Though wanderers, many of their legends talk of a distant, promised land where they will one day settle and find their long lost home. En’a Vardo, Nine Caravans, describes one such legendary journey to the Sacred Mountain of the Five Figures.

A beautifully illustrated book for children

Adapted by Babette Gallard and illustrated by Vincent Miser. First published in 2014.
Full colour 102 pages;216 x 216 mm

Available only in paperback.


Babette Gallard has been a writer all her life, in one form or other. She started out as a inconsequential journalist then used these skills in a variety of other jobs where the ability to write fact and fiction was always useful.

Vincent Misser
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Vincent trained in Belgium, at St Luc de Tournai’s institute as a graphic designer, then studied Fine Arts in Lille. In 1977, he presented his first collective exhibition in Dunkerque, and then exhibited at the Weeppe gallery.... Read More


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