Lightfoot Guide to the via Francigena – Canterbury to Besançon


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Lightfoot Guides to the via Francigena are written for Walkers, Cyclists and Horse Riders The guide books provide specific information for each group enabling everyone to meet their personal goals. The complete, Edition 6, Lightfoot series for the via Francigena consists of four books: step by step guides from Canterbury to Besançon, Besançon to Vercelli, Vercelli to Rome and the Lightfoot Companion to the via Francigena describing the culture and history of key sites along the route. This 1st volume traces 910 kilometers from the English cathedral city of Canterbury to Besançon at the foot of the Jura in France.
The route endeavours to follow the 10th century route used by Archbishop Sigeric the Serious, but adapted to current conditions. In the regions of Nord Pas de Calais and Champagne-Ardennes the book follows the officially signposted route for the via Francigena also known as the French walking route GR145. Agreement on an official route is still outstanding in Picardie and Franche-Comté, where the guide follows paths closer to the historic route. The guide book contains many alternative routes to reduce total distance, avoid possible difficulties or to gain access to specific locations. The entire distance has been divided into 40 manageable sections of an average length of 22 kilometers. For each section full page scale maps are provided with detailed instructions for each significant junction. Accommodation and other vital facilities are listed for the entire length of each section.
The GPS coordinates of each instructions are available for immediate download.
Written by Paul Chinn and Babette Gallard, edition 6 was first published in April 2014.
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Francis Geere
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I am desperately sad to announce the death of Francis. He has been a champion for the Via Francigena or the last 10 years and an aid and friend to me and many, many pilgrims... Read More

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1) Contents Page – Stage 17: Length should be 33.5km not 33.3km 2) Contents Page – Stage 38: Length should be 33.5km not 35km 3) Copyright Page: Length should be 909 kilometres (to match length... Read More

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Babette Gallard and Paul Chinn
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We are just a couple of ordinary people that were lucky enough to make an escape from the world of business to our adopted home in France with our passions and energies still intact. We... Read More


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