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Moles have been underestimated for too long, but Streaks and Cuckoos sets the record straight. Moles are more technologically advanced than humans and live according to a sophisticated moral code established by their great ancestor Ylem – attributes that will be severely tested when a Surface Dweller decides to build a shopping centre over their colony and the remains of a Victorian orphanage. They will stop her, but only with the help of teenagers Josh and Tony Junior, the Knowing, an English teacher, Sybil the office cleaner … plus a considerable amount of intrigue, risky business and adventure along the way.
Written by Bette Gallard, first published in 2013.
Black and white; 436 pages;229 x 152 mm
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A writer all my life, in one form or other. I started out as a inconsequential journalist then used these skills in a variety of other jobs where the ability to write fact and fiction was always useful.


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