En’a Vardo

The gipsy legend – En’a Vardo – Nine Caravans, Nine Families, Nine Stories. One day, as we were celebrating, a man came to our camp and as was usual we invited him in. This, my children, was our mistake and … Read More

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Without Surprise

When I ask a group of children: “Why is it that we call owls wise?” , they reply: “Their eyes – they can see through the night” …. “They can turn their heads completely round”……. “They wear spectacles”……. “They know … Read More

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Mμtania is pure fantasy based on very logical, scientific principles. Life in the Paraboloid is organised and the future predictable until the day Jason finds the Transmutator – a palm-size, flat silver box. He has no idea what it is … Read More

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Pilgrim Footprints in the Sands of Time

William Beaumont has made a promise to his dead mother and younger sister to go on a pilgrimage to save their souls. William is secretly in love with Alicia Bearham, niece of Lord Robert. He is overjoyed when he is … Read More

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