Lightfoot Guides are now available as an extension to the excellent GPS navigation program Locus Map on Android smartphones.

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Initially we are offering our via Francigena Guide for Touring Cyclists – Sigeric’s Bike exclusively on this platform and subject to your feed back we will begin to migrate all of our guides.

Like our existing eBook option it allows you to carry all of the guide information but without any weight penalty, but additionally Lightfoot Guides for Android:


  • provide active navigation assistance – show where you are and where to go next in real time.
  • allow you to choose from a variety of on-line and off-line maps – with preloaded off-line maps active navigation is still possible even where there is no mobile phone signal.
  • allow for much more frequent updating allowing you to know you have the latest information at no extra cost.
  • allow you buy as much or as little information as you need.



How do I get the Lightfoot Guides for Android?

Just follow this link on your Android to Locus Map and download Locus Map Free or Locus Map Pro or search for Locus Map in the Google Play Store.  When you have downloaded and installed the Locus Map app just search the Locus Store for Lightfoot Guides.   Purchase some Locus currency – LoCoins and choose the stages that you want.  The first stage in each guide will always be free, so you can take a look with no risk.

Will something similar be available for the iPhone?

We would really like to do this, but have not yet found a software partner.